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Emotional Distress and Property Loss

Emotional Distress and Property Loss from California Fires Home fires cause injury, death, and loss of property, leaving families homeless and bereft of photos, treasures, heirlooms, beloved toys, and many irreplaceable items of sentimental value. Many fire victims faced with … READ MORE

Smoke Inhalation and Burn Injuries

Fires can cause two types of serious injuries: smoke inhalation and burns. Victims of fire-related injuries may be able to claim compensation if they can demonstrate that another party’s negligent or wrongful act caused their injuries. If you’ve suffered either … READ MORE

Destruction of Crops and Tree Cover

Destruction of Tree Cover, Crops, Wildfires and Agricultural Equipment in California Wildfires California wildfires can do serious damage and cause farmers catastrophic amounts of economic loss when they rage through agricultural land, whether it is being used for the cultivation … READ MORE

Fires Caused by Utility Companies

Utility companies have easements across property throughout California for the purpose of installing and maintaining the equipment and lines required to deliver power throughout the state. Ownership of gas and electric lines comes with a legal responsibility to maintain the … READ MORE

Home Fire Damage

Discovering that a fire has destroyed your home can be emotionally shattering; having your insurance company delay, deny, or lowball your claim adds insult to your injury and makes it that much more difficult to bounce back and get on … READ MORE

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