The Most Important Things You Should Do for Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance

Posted on by BenchMark Website Design

The wildfires burning in San Diego remind us of the importance of taking the time to make sure that your homeowners or renters insurance is in order.  Below are two important tasks to complete for your insurance.

1) Take video or pictures of all of the contents in your home. Email the video/pictures to yourself so that you can always access them. 

Documenting your possessions with video or pictures way will make it much easier to recover money from your insurance carrier.  If you do not have videos or photos, then you must make extensive content lists, which can be daunting once you try to recall hundreds if not thousands of possessions that were destroyed.

2) Make sure that you have enough insurance coverage to rebuild your home.  Consider asking for an assessment from your insurance carrier.

Call your insurance agent and review your coverage.  For more detailed information on determining if you have adequate coverage, please see our blog post on “How to Determine if You Have Enough Insurance to Rebuild Your Home After a Fire.”