Butte Fire Cats Ready to Go Home

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You can go to the Angels Camp Veterinarians Facebook page to see Butte Fire cats waiting to be reunited with their owners. When the Butte Fire hit Amador and Calaveras, many cats and dogs ran from the flames and exploding propane tanks. Some hid in culverts as the flames swept over them while others tried to outrun the fire. There are still unclaimed cats waiting to return home. With cell phone reception and Internet access down in many parts of Mountain Ranch, San Andreas, Glencoe, Mokelumne Hill, Rail Road Flat, and other areas in Calaveras County, it is hard for people to search for their missing cats. If you recognize one of the cats, you can help locate their owners.

UC Davis veterinarians worked around the clock to treat these cats and other animals who were injured during the Butte Fire.

butte fire cats