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Brody McBride


Brody McBride graduated cum laude from Utah University and magna cum laude from law school. Prior to law school, he was an intern with the ACLU where he investigated civil rights violations. In law school, Brody was an associate editor of the law review and won numerous awards for academic achievement, including the top awards for constitutional law, legal writing, and criminal procedure. After joining the California Bar in 2009, Brody worked as a criminal defense lawyer both privately and as a public defender. He opened his own private practice and devoted many hours to pro bono work for indigent clients. In 2010, Brody began working with clients who lost their homes to fire. As a lead associate attorney, Brody has worked with hundreds of fire clients and facilitated more than 75 million dollars in settlements for people who lost their homes and possessions to fire.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Brody was a sponsored snowboarder and skateboarder and competed in numerous competitions, including the Utah Winter Games. He fosters abandoned dogs and is committed to improving the lives of neglected animals. Brody has fostered over 15 dogs, many of which he personally rescued.

Brody is admitted to practice in California state and federal courts. He is a member of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

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