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We have experience specific to high value recoveries in large scale fires, and were part of a team that won monetary awards totaling in the multi-millions for more than 1600 wildfire victims who lost homes, businesses and possessions in the 2007 Witch Valley, Guejito, and Rice Canyon fires, the largest civil action ever to be brought in San Diego County, We have a network of experts who are available to assist us with the investigations that are often necessary to identify the source and cause of a fire in order to determine liability. We have extensive experience and success negotiating out-of-court settlements with insurance companies and other defendants and preparing and litigating all types of fire claims in California’s courts.

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Avocado Trees Destroyed by Fire.
Recovered $21 million for commercial avocado grower for avocado trees were destroyed by fire.


Avocado Groves.
Recovered $14 million for a commercial avocado grower for the destruction of trees.


Obtained a verdict of $8.2 million dollars for a construction worker who received severe electrical burns after coming into contact with an electrical wire while installing a fence in Escondido, CA. The plaintiff had to undergo 31 surgeries and have his right arm partially amputated.


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Fire is a devastating force that destroys everything in its path. Especially in drought conditions, fire can rapidly spread out of control, destroying homes, personal property, businesses, farms, crops, livestock, forests, and more. Many times, fires begin because of human error—someone engaging dangerous behavior: an individual tossing a lit cigarette into dry brush or a utility company failing in its legal responsibility to maintain wires properly or trim back growth surrounding them. Fires can erupt when gas lines leak after a car crash, from improperly stored chemicals, from gas explosions, and from scalding steam or water. Fires cause serious and often catastrophic burn injuries that result in death or disability; smoke inhalation can be fatal or cause severe respiratory dysfunction.

I couldn't say enough about how incredibly wonderful EVERYBODY in this law firm is. They will all work to do the absolute best job possible to represent each and every person. Previous to working with them, I had not been a fan of lawyers in general. I promise they will make it an honor to know and associate with them.

L.S., fire client

Jerry and Joy Singleton were available by phone and email evenings, weekends, or whenever we had questions or just needed to talk. They gave us incredible support and were genuinely interested in our case.

Bob & Shawn

If You Have Been Injured in a Fire, You Have a Right to Compensation

A person who has suffered damages in a fire that was caused by someone else’s negligent, careless, or deliberate behavior may be entitled to claim compensation for a full range of economic damages, as well as intangible damages, including stress, emotional anguish, pain, disability, disfigurement, physical and mental suffering, psychological damage, loss of enjoyment of life, and others. This is best accomplished by retaining an experienced fire damage attorney to represent your interests.

Rebuild Your Home, Business, and Life in the Aftermath of a Fire

When you need to pick up the pieces of your life, your home, or your business, we are here to help. Call us today to schedule a free consultation in which our attorneys will inform you about your legal options and rights and provide you with honest answers about how we can relieve your stress and offer you peace of mind as we help you obtain adequate compensation for all of your fire-related losses.

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